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Fairy Season

ith trees, mushrooms, fairies, and plants.
This house is  
The word "gray".
Watercolor image of a cute little blue house.
It has a 
The word "red".
and a big yard.
A watercolor image of a cute little red barn.
But this is not my house.
This room has a twin bed and a soft quilt and cat.
No streetlights flood its nighttime corners.
Traffic sounds don’t sing me to sleep.
This is not my room.
Aunt Jennie has eyes that smile, like my mom’s.
Uncle Nate has a big laugh.
My cousin Flora is almost as old as I am.
I miss my mom.
The morning sun pours into my room.
Flora is sitting on the end of my bed.
She has been waiting.
“Fairies are everywhere,” Flora explains over orange juice.
“Where do we look?” I ask.
Flora’s eyes shine like two bright
Outside, the air is 
The grass is 
Dewdrops hang like crystals from a spider’s web.
Flora sees me studying them and runs over.
She points at the dewdrops.
"They were here!" she shrieks in delight.
Spring rains turn the world a vibrant green.
Jennie asks Flora and me to help clear out her garden.
Our bare hands scrape soggy leaves into little piles.
Cool damp dirt reveals itself beneath.
Tiny plants pop up out of the soil.
Jennie says the daffodils are coming up.

Flora looks at me knowingly.
The weather gets warmer.
Chirping and humming and buzzing fill the night air.
Nate says it's the 
I think it sounds like an orchestra.
Flora agrees.
Nate takes us fishing in his green boat.
A small something zips and zooms across the glassy lake surface.
Then another.
Nate says they are water striders.
But Flora knows better.
She whispers to me...
Summer comes, and Jennie’s garden grows like crazy.
Tiny green buds on her tomato plants burst open into little yellow flowers.
Each tiny flower will grow into a juicy red tomato.
It seems impossible.
But Flora knows how it works.
The grass is long, and the sun sets late.
Little yellow lights flash and flicker along the edge of the woods.
I run through the warm night air.
I cup my hands around one of the lights.
It tickles my palms.
Flora says dreamily,
Flora and I are chasing rainbows.
We come across a too-perfect ring of
little brown mushrooms
We weave crowns from twigs and flowers.
We wait for the fairies to claim us.
Flora is sure they will come.
Jennie’s sunflowers are tall as towers.
Wildflowers fill the meadow.
Butterflies and bees hop between them like little sparks.
I picture a fairy riding each insect.
Yellow dust freckles my arms.
One day, Jennie shows me a picture of a little blue house.
My mom and I are going to live there together when summer ends.
Jennie says it will be a fresh start.
The sun sets early now.
Flora and I lay on the trampoline to look at the stars.
Now and then, a star bursts and fades,
falling to Earth.
Flora says each burst is a fairy being born.
She tells me to make a wish on each star.

I make 3 wishes.
I wish for a girl my age to live next door to the little blue house.
I wish my mom will let me get a dog.
I wish for fairies.
I say this last wish out loud.
Flora smiles.
"Don't worry," she tells me...

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