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Let's Explore the Sun

Feel the
Soak up the
It's time to meet your favorite
and my favorite
It's that burning hot ball of gas you humans call
As stars go, the sun is actually pretty average.
It's a type of star called a
No, not that kind of
The sun is 1,500 times smaller than a
The sun is 10 times bigger than a
Earth's sun might not be
But it's still a really big deal.
The sun is the bright, white center of your solar system.
The sun's gravity is what holds the cosmic neighborhood together.
The star's warmth and light allow life to
on Earth!
The sun may not be the hottest star around, but it's still
27 million degrees Fahrenheit to be exact!
The hottest part is a place at the very center of the sun, called the
The surface of the sun is a
10,000 degrees Fahrenheit!
Better pack
a sweater!
Scientists can't actually visit the sun.
It's way too hot!
But scientists all around the planet Earth still study our home star!
That's because changes in the sun can mean changes for life on Earth.
Solar winds collide with Earth's atmosphere.
This makes beautiful light shows called aurora!
can hurt satellites and interfere with Earth's radio signals.
The sun can also teach us about stars too far away to study up close.
The sun's light and heat touch every planet in the solar system.
But the solar system has so much more to explore!
Let's go take a look!
A cartoon alien with its pet alien cat sit in the control hub of a spaceship
The number 3
The number 2
The number 1
The words "Blast Off"
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