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Little Digital

A Little Bean Story

Beans in a pot,
...and beans in the ground.
Beans are 
all around!
Beans like
or a dragon's
Little green arms stretch towards the sun.
Beans on a bush...
...and beans on the vine.
Beans are growing all the time! 
Beans in the sun...
...and beans in the shade.
These little beans have got it made!
Warm, rich
helps beans grow strong,
along with water...
...and light from the sun.
Beans in...
 and BLUE 
A rainbow of beans in every hue!
Beans in pods tucked tight and cozy.
Beans in the sun, their cheeks getting rosy.
Beans feed
Soy beans can help power trucks!
Beans in curry
and beans with rice.
Three kinds of beans taste extra nice!
Beans that are big
and beans that are small.
The sea heart is the biggest bean of all.
Beans with
Beans that are long and beans that are squat.
Beans that run
and beans that crawl,
French beans climbing up a wall!
Beans that are
Filling hungry tummies across the land.
Growing big and strong in all their glory,
every little bean has a little bean story.

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